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1. AudioAlfa Group DX570
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Features: Touch Screen Audio Amplifier, power 200 w. It comes with the following processors:
Mixer for 6 M..
Audiora amplifiers of the DX TOUCH SCREEN series
Are born to meet efficiently and with
Advanced technology any need in
Installations of sound systems
Of a professional type.

All models have a six-input mixer
Microphones and two auxiliary inputs. They are equipped with 6
Processors / devices and have the ability,
Thanks to an input (INSERT), to connect a
Additional external processor (es.compressore).

Each microphone input can be configured
With 4 gain levels: 35/40/50/60 dB for microphones
Both capacitor and dynamic. The power supply
Phantom is assignable individually for each input.

• Fully digital control card
• Mixer for 6 microphones with
    Phantom (gain: 35 -: - 60dB)
• Voice clarifier
• Feedback Suppressor
• Environmental level regulator
• High and Low tone controls for each input
• Noise-gate
• 2 RCA + 2 RCA auxiliary inputs
 • Adjustable low-cut and high-cut filters
• Three-band parametric equalizer
• Insert to connect a processor
• Outputs for impedance e diffusers
    Constant voltage
• SD card reader
• Possibility to customize the logo on the display
• 200 and 400 watts power

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