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1. AudioAlfa Group XT460
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Features: Analog audio amplifier, power 200 w. It comes with the following processors:
Mixer for 6 Microph..
The Audiora amplifiers of the XT series are
Completely analogous but they can satisfy
Widen the needs of installers in all
The types of audio systems, from the simplest
To what needs more power and quality.

All models have a six-input mixer
Microphones and two auxiliary inputs. They are equipped with 6
Processors / devices and have the ability,
Thanks to an input (INSERT), to connect a
Additional external processor (es.compressore).

Each microphone input can be configured
With 4 gain levels: 35/40/50/60 dB for microphones
Both capacitor and dynamic. The power supply
Phantom is assignable individually for each input.

• Mixer for 6 microphones with
    Phantom (gain: 35 -: - 60dB)
• Voice clarifier
• Feedback Suppressor
• Environmental level regulator
• High and Low tone control for each input
• Noise-gate
• 2 RCA + 2 RCA auxiliary inputs
  • Adjustable low-cut and high-cut filters
• Three-band parametric equalizer
• Insert to connect a processor
• Outputs for impedance e diffusers
    Constant voltage
• 200 and 400 watts power

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