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Features: Power Final using a new version in Class D of the 400 watt finish. It is born to amplify environment..
The XF Series Audiora Power Finals
Have been designed and built for those
Needs where installers need
To amplify environments that require a lot

Quality features are the same
Already present in XT series systems.

In particular, the XF-470 uses one
New version in Class D of the 400W finish.

It is electronically protected by short circuits
On the load and pilot the output transformer a
Wide band.

On the front, an accurate LED VU METER
Allows you to keep track of the level of
Output of the amplifier.

For connecting to the speakers
    are expected :
    - Hi-Fi output 0 -4 Ohm at full bandwidth
    - The classic 4, 8 and 16 ohm connections
    - Output at constant voltage at 70 V and 100 V

    The outputs are on a terminal board that is
    Protected by a methacrylate screen
    According to current safety regulations.

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